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About Us

Juice & Jam started it's work in 2017 with our first client, HelloFresh. We've since gone on to build out Direct Sales as a core acquisition channel at Tails.com. Today we continue this work for our clients throughout the UK and Europe.


We work with clients whose products we are happy to use ourselves, and who we can therefore promote and sell with enthusiasm, honesty, and care.

We cover all the direct sales’ needs of our clients. This includes not just national but also international exhibitions, fixed locations, pop-up venues… in fact anywhere that our clients might wish to sell to the public. We’ve built our business through client recommendations, by committing to providing a unique direct sales avenue tailored specifically to their needs.

“Juice & Jam has always tried to bring a high level of care to how it treats both our clients and our staff. We have created an atmosphere where people enjoy their work, despite the high-pressure sales environment.”

Julia Weiland / Managing Director


Whether you need a fully managed long-term campaign, or simply 
staff for one-off promotional events, we have the experience, the people and the expertise you’ll need.

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Jamie Neale


In early 2017 HelloFresh approached me because they needed a friendly approach that fitted well with the style of their product. We are growing carefully, so we don’t lose sight of our founding value, which is to treat clients and staff fairly and honestly. As Director, I know how important it is to be discerning with our choice of client. As such, we're usually a customer before we become a representative.

Julia Weiland


Over the past decade I’ve built a career in the management of various catering and hospitality sites. I joined Jamie to build up Juice & Jam in late 2017, when the company was showing the first signs of rapid growth. In my free time you can find me at farmers’ markets or other food-related happenings.

Adam Salmon


The first thing you’ll notice about me is I’m very tall, but you get used to it. I worked in insurance, property and recruitment before I found my niche in Operations & HR here at Juice & Jam. Those industries are often, correctly, viewed as mercenary and mostly thankless – they’re very different from what I've found at Juice & Jam, which is more like a family.

Chloe Dews


Before joining the "Jam Fam" I had just come back from travelling and was ready to throw myself into the opportunity. Now I'm the integral cog in the Juice & Jam administrative machine. When not running things at HQ, I can be found idling in traffic on any one of the A12, M11 or A120.

Max Bartholomew


I’ve been working in the Events Industry for over 10 years now. I am Juice & Jam’s Logistics Manager, ensuring the smooth running of all the events we cover. I’m a keen hockey player and have played at a very high level. In summer months I enjoy cricket – mainly for the amazing match tea half-way through.

Jules Perton


When I joined Juice & Jam I developed a really strong bond with the team. Being a small company there’s scope to learn and grow outside of the boundaries of your specific role. I’ve been able to put my design skills to the test and even found a professional confidence I didn’t know I possessed.

Ben Syder


I’ve worked for Juice & Jam as the Account Manager for Tails.com since April 2019. I love football, film and travel – so the ideal next clients for J&J would be FIFA, Netflix, and British Airways! It’s great being a part of the J&J team, with ambitious staff and aspirational clients.

Adam Gough


Before joining Juice & Jam I worked in Training, Learning & Development, across the hospitality sector. I love working with people and nurturing their talents. Now I get to transfer that passion into Direct Sales and Events with Juice & Jam. When not at the Jam Factory, you can find me scooting around London as a freelance makeup artist for Theatre, TV and Film.

Steve Evans


I’ve been a sales agent with Juice & Jam for two years. Previously I’ve sold everything – holidays, TV subscriptions, finance – and now I get to sell quality brands like HelloFresh and Bulb. When not on a stand somewhere around the UK, the chances are that I will be watching football or a movie, or perhaps toasting some recent commercial success with friends.

Ray Lamb


I’ve been in retail for 25 years, as sales manager, coach, trainer and everything else in between. For the past two years I’ve been with Juice & Jam. When not selling, I enjoy sport and supporting the mighty Plymouth Argyle. I’ve been working on the HelloFresh campaign for more than three years and enjoy the responsibility of inducting new colleagues.


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