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Hello Fresh @ The Ideal Home Show

Big events like the Ideal Home Show are the perfect environment for HelloFresh to make an in-person impression on members of the public and, with our help, convert them into HelloFresh customers.

Making an impression on the public during an event like this requires a prominent stand, strategically placed, and the right staff to make best use of it.
For HelloFresh, this not only means enticing graphics, but also a hand-picked crew, well versed in selling the product and able to talk passionately about the brand.

More than


visitors over 17 days

Over the course of the exhibition, our agents clocked up nearly 600 new sign ups for HelloFresh. Just as importantly, they acted as the human face to a brand who rarely get to "meet" their customers in this way.
This kind of interaction consistently leads to more sustainable relationships with customers, and far higher retention rates.

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